Coyote Gland----Not as strong as many gland lures, but over the years I have found it to hold attraction longer than any other coyote gland mixture I've used.


Red Fox Gland----- Extremely attractive to all fox, coyote, and bobcats.  This lure has proven itself to be an excellent dirthole lure.


Grey Fox Gland -----Attractive to all fox, but makes a great gland lure for coyotes, especially at coyote remake sets


Bobcat Gland Lure----Very attractive to bobcats, especially during breeding season, of course, but also a very good canine lure.


Mudpie Frosting----A beaver lure that I would guarantee to be successful if used in competition near/with any other beaver lure.


Troublefinger------A highly effective coon lure made from coon glands and fish, and proven to catch fox and coyotes, and an occasional bobcat.


LDC-----A strong lure with a bait base.  It can be used directly down a dirthole or other bait station set, as well as high to call predators from distances.  Works well on fisher as well as canines and felines.


Summer Canine---made in a thin liquid so that it can be used to soak into dry wood, to keep insects and rodents from eating the odor producing ingredients, making it very effective in summer months, but can be used any time of the year.

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