Slim's Personal Instruction for 2017
Thanks for your interest in going with Slim "on the line" for personal instruction.    Please contact me by email or phone to get on the list.  He will be going "TO" your line this year if you get on the schedule!  Let me know what dates you're interested in. 

Dates available in 2017 for instructions, as well as possible weekend trapping "small group seminars", etc.  Maybe work around conventions in your area, bring him there for the convention, and he can work with individuals in that area. We are open to working out finances to make it easy and shareable for you and your trapping buddies.

Call me at 315-341-7053 or email me at:  

Current pricing for one on one personal instruction is $600 for two days plus a third day free.   So really only $200 per day!  And we are ok with you sharing with a 2nd guy, to help with the expeneses.  Then you would be responsible for his transportation to you, food, and lodging -  we can discuss that when you contact me.    We will keep transportation to/from you as cheap as we can.

Slim has given instructions to many trappers over the years, and it's always a great learning time, lots of on hand experience, and as he's a character.......much laughing! 

2014 On "Their" Trapline Instruction With Slim Pedersen

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