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Bounty Hunter---Great fall bait....will definitely keep you busy in the fur shed...see pics above for how it is working already this season 

1 oz $5.00

4 oz $20.00

Pint $58.00   

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1 oz jars $5, 4 oz jars $20 or Pints $58.  Price is each jar plus shipping

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1 oz and Pints only available from Bruce Rhoads & Okie Cable

Dealers Carrying Slim's Lures:

1) Bruce Rhoads (641) 990-5790   Chelsea, IA

2) John Rockwood (315) 415-4946 Williamstown, NY

 3) Okie Cable & Trap Supply  (918) 429-4648  Crowder,OK 

GH3----As the name implies, this is the third combination of ingredients in the GH line.   This third ingredient really improved this lure, making it one of the very best predator lures offered for sale anywhere for canines and

Kitty Curiousity-----This lure was originally intended to be a coyote lure.  It is probably one of the best coyote lures ever developed and works both on flat sets and within a dirthole as a bait curiosity.  It soon became apparent that bobcats will not stay away from the lure, so I changed  the name, since it is one of the better bobcat lures I have ever used.

Thumper Revenge-----So named, because the heavy paste lure is irresistible to all canines and is equally attractive to bobcats.

Trenchmaker-----Canines attempt to want to dig and destroy sets to get at this lure.  Not sure why it seems to stimulate such a digging response, but it certainly does, and so its name.

Mouthwater-----Probably the best fox lure I offer as it has a mouse base, even though it does not smell like mouse to humans.  Coyotes and bobcats also like this lure, since mice make up a large portion of their diet as well.

Fish Eater----Created as a mink lure, and over many miles it has proven to be very  attractive to otter, and of course raccoons because it has a strong fish base. However it has proven to be quite attractive to fox and coyotes as well.   I have even caught two fox and one coyote that waded
into the water attempting to get to this lure.

Black Widow ------One of the best flat set lures I have ever used.  Since it is made of all musks, it can be used as a bait as well.  However I use it today where I normally would have used a gland lure.

Predator Terminator-----Very Musky Lure good for everything from coon to coyotes.  Great change up on the water line too.