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The Hall of Fame award is the most prestigious award any trapper can receive, and only those that have earned the high esteem, respect and admiration that Slim has over the years, are put into this very valued category.    Slim has been involved in trapping, giving demos at many conventions each year,  and helping others in this industry, for many years.  He’s taught many others, and still gives private lessons to this day, and is highly
sought after in this area.    One man from Pennsylvania said,  “I went down for two days instruction with Slim in Georgia last
winter, had a great time,  learned what I was hoping to learn and quite a bit of extra things also. I went to see his demo at the NTA two years ago and got more information than you could absorb in an hour. The instruction was much the same.  You learn a lot but there are so many things to absorb and remember, the two days goes pretty quick. I know I will go back any chance I get that’s for sure.”     At the conventions, Slim has been doing coyote and bobcat demos, among others, for many years also. His demos are always jam packed, with standing room only left! One comment from a trapper in Iowa, “I watched Slim put on a coyote demo at last years ITA convention and it was obvious he's forgot more about trapping than most people know about it. I am sure anyone could catch way more than enough furs, by the knowledge gained in one lesson from him , than the measly
few bucks the lessons cost.”

Slim Pedersen, formerly of Ekalaka, Montana, was inducted into the National Trappers Association Hall of Fame during the 2006 NTA Convention, in Hutchinson, Kansas.   The convention ran from August 3 through the 6th, and several thousand people were in attendance.  The Awards Ceremony was on Thursday evening that week.  Surrounded by his 3 kids and their families, and many, many friends, the NTA president presented Slim a large gold plated plaque, and inducted him into the Hall of Fame.       Many years of experience, experimenting, observing & studying furbearers and finely honing his trapping skills have made Slim Pedersen one of the most successful trappers in the industry. His wealth of knowledge, personable demeanor, and excellent instructing style have resulted in Slim being one of the most popular Professional Trappers to provide instruction and demonstrations throughout the trapping world. One of the top names in trapping, he is known from Coast to Coast, from North to South and points in between.