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Larry "Slim" Pedersen began trapping at the tender age of 8, cleaning up on the skunks and weasels that were cleaning up the chickens in his Grandmother's chicken coop. Raised in Absarokee, Montana, Slim was running his first longline at the age of 18  with a partner while attending college. At the age of 34, Slim was living the dream of most trappers and trapping fulltime doing predator control work, and fur trapping, as well as live market trapping up to the present day. 
Slim has carried out Fur trapping or Predator control trapping, in Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, California, New Mexico, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, Maine, and Georgia. Slim has trapped coyotes, bobcats, red fox, gray fox, kit fox, Badgers, skunks (both spotted and striped), weasels (all three sizes), Fisher, Raccoons, muskrats, mink, beaver, Otter, and Mountain lions.
His Predator & Animal Damage Control trapping career has included trapping for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, ADC division which later became U.S. Department of Agriculture doing animal Damage control work for 7 years, as well as for 1 year for Garfield County, Montana. Slim has had a private contract to do predator control work with Carter County Sheep and Cattle growers association for 25 years. Well known and respected in the trapping world, Slim is a member of The National Trappers Association, Fur Takers of America,  as well as belongs to the State Organizations of Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, Iowa & Georgia. He has performed trapping Demonstrations for State & National Trapping Organizations, Game Departments & Predator Control Departments in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Alabama, Minnesota and Maine.  Slim Pedersen, along with Ed Courtney developed the very first squeaker which took them 2 yrs of extensive field testing before being released to the public. Although not the first to have used or performed trap jaw laminations, Slim was most likely the first to write about it in instruction manuals, as well as write about and draw instructions for the snare lock knot.

Add to his credits, Slim has written and published 7 trapping and snare instruction books and two "story" instructional books about coyotes. He has also created and produced 3 trapping and instructional videos.