Many years of experience, experimenting, observing & studying furbearers and finely honing his trapping skills have made Slim Pedersen one of the most successful trappers in the industry. His wealth of knowledge, personable demeanor, and excellent instructing style have resulted in Slim being one of the most popular Professional Trappers to provide instruction and demonstrations throughout the trapping world. One of the top names in trapping, he is known from Coast to Coast, from North to South and points in between. But don't take our word for it.....let the trappers speak for themselves.

Slim Pedersen Books, DVDs, and Lures

  • "I went down to spend a couple days with Slim in Georgia this winter (2004), money well spent as far as I am concerned. Some of the things he said and pointed out to me I had never noticed before. Some of the trap positioning and specific location picking really made me think as well. I tend to do things by habit, doing things that have been successful in the past over and over kind of like being stuck in a rut. I learned some things about trapping which I was looking for and some things about myself that i needed too also." JB, PA
  • Slim, your demos are always no nonsense, straight forward and very educational. Your ability to pass your vast knowledge and experience to the audience is unequaled. Thanks for being such a great instructor. Gene Purdy...Former NTA Demo Chairman
  • "Slim's style of teaching is extraordinary. Not a single question was left unanswered, and his reasoning behind each movement he made was explained. Slim makes sure you understand before he moves on to anything else. The instructions I took were set at my pace. I really enjoyed the chance to learn from one of the best predator men in the country and plan to return again someday."  Dave Hostetler, Indiana 
  • "Slim Pedersen, a man of strong will, stout nature and an unbelievable sense of humor. His books are easy to grasp, written with profuse amounts of information, laid out in a story book form, which makes one want to finish all in one reading. There are not many people in the trapping industry who do not recognize how important his contributions and support to the trapping heritage are. His many adventures out in the west and thru out the rest of the nation doing his ADC work continues to enhance his delivery of education to those who take the time to learn from him. One would be hard pressed to find an individual as learned about animals, their habitats, and how to harvest them as this man is, as well as how he can make others use his teaching's for their own use." Tom Whiting, Wasatch Wildlife Products 
  • "There is no other trapper that has the keen sense of thought like Slim Pedersen. His modesty comes across over and over again whenever he answers a question. Slim often avoids giving answers, he gives you a thought train that allows you to find the answers on your own; I've never met anyone as capable of teaching as Slim Pedersen. A great trapper, friend, and leader!" - Kyle Kaatz, owner Kaatz Bros. Lures/ editor Trapper's World Magazine 
  • "I've met several trappers in my life time, alot of good trappers along the way, a whole lot of average trappers and a very very few Great trappers. Slim's one of the Greats. I know of no other person who knows the inside of a coyote's mind like he does. Many of today's leading trappers learned alot of what they know from Slim and his contribution's over the many decade's to the entire trapping community are an example for us all. He's the guy I go to when I want to know why a coyote does something or why they won't do something. I have no doubt he's done forgot more about trapping than many including myself will ever know. " Jackie Malone, Alabama 
  • "I went to a demo given for free at Valentine Nebraska by Slim Pedersen that was free but I'll tell you what I would have paid to see it. Not one dirt hole or flat set was shown. It was all question and answers, BUT the knowledge in that hour that people could have gleaned was worth ALOT." Kevin Burge 
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed riding around and talking to Slim here in Georgia in December 2004. I've been trapping for 8-9 years, and have taken instruction from three people, but Slim put the finishing touches on many things for me. He also talked about George Good, and some of the things they did together. When he comes to Georgia again, I plan to go with him!" Alton Malphus, Georgia 
  • "After reading Slim Pedersen's article in the July/August issue of Trappers World, I can't live without two of his books. Enclosed is check in the amount of thirty five dollars for which please send me Complete Bobcat Trapping $20.00 ea also New Snare Methods $15.00 " Theron McElroy, AR