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My Life as a Trapper

By: Sydney Townsend

When I was about two years old my Dad started to trap. I would go out to the trap line with him and watch him. I really enjoyed that. Last year I turned ten so my Dad said we would start a line and anything we caught on that line would go to me so I could get my own traps and lures. After that I took my trappers class. When I had had my trappers class I went to John Rockwood's and bought some traps and I got Slim's Predator Terminator and some fox urine for lures. This year (2014) when trapping season opened I was so excited that I was finally old enough to have my own trap line. On the second day of trapping season I caught a coyote. My Dad said I was a stinker because it took him 8 years to get a coyote. Then the next day I got two more! Thanks to my Dad and John Rockwood I know how to feed a family and they've taught me to love trapping.